CME 1 Session – EANM’13
PET and SPECT in Oncology Drug Development

Lecture 1 - The Basis of Drug Development in Oncology: General Point of View; from Pre-clinical to Clinical Aspects (27:56)
J.Y. Blay; Centre Léon Bérard, Department of Medical Oncology, LYON, FRANCE

Lecture 2 - Translational PET and SPECT Imaging in Oncology Drug Development: A Pharmaceutical Industry Point of View (27:45)
M. Bergström; Roche Pharmaceuticals, BASEL, SWITZERLAND

CME 2 Session – EANM’13

PRRT: New Approaches

Lecture 1 - The Genomics of Neuroendocrine Tumours: From Gnosis to Sunesis (26:21)
I.M. Modlin; Yale University School of Medicine, Department of Surgery / Gastric Surgical Pathobiology Research Group, NEW HAVEN, CT, UNITED STATES

Lecture 2 - Dosimetry and Radiobiology for PRRT: Clinically Relevant or is it just a Physicist's Hobby? (27:48)
G. Flux; Joint Department of Physics, Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust & Institute of Cancer Research, SUTTON, UNITED KINGDOM

Lecture 3 - PRRT: From the EANM - IAEA - SNM Guidance Document towards Standardisation of Individualised Treatments (27:26)
L. Bodei; European Institute of Oncology, Radionuclide Therapy Section, Division of Nuclear Medicine, MILAN, ITALY

CME 3 Session – EANM’13

Motion Correction

Lecture 1 - Principles of Motion Correction and Gating (26:55)
K. Thielemans; Institute for Nuclear Medicine, University College London, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Lecture 2 - Clinical Use of Cardiac Gating within PET and SPECT (27:55)
P. Knaapen; VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, Department of Cardiology, AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS

Lecture 3 - 4D PET/CT for Radiotherapy Treatment Plannin (28:49)
D. Thorwarth; Section for Biomedical Physics, Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospital Tübingen, Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, TÜBINGEN, GERMANY

CME 4 Session – EANM’13

State of the Art of Radiopharmaceuticals

Lecture 1 - New SPECT Tracers (30:50)
R. Schibli; Center for Radiopharmaceutical Sciences ETH-PSI-USZ, ZURICH, SWITZERLAND

Lecture 2 - New Radiopharmaceuticals for PET (29:34)
P.H. Elsinga; University Medical Center Groningen, Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS

Lecture 3 - New Radiopharmaceuticals for Therapy (29:34)
G.J. Meyer; Medizinische Hochschule Hannover, Nuclear Medicine, HANNOVER, GERMANY

CME 5 Session – EANM’13
Myocardial Viability

Lecture 1 - Critical Appraisal of Viability Assessment (25:51)
H.J. Verberne; Academic Medical Center, Department of Nuclear Medicine, AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS

Lecture 2 - SPECT and PET/CT Assessment (21:22)
C. Übleis; Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Department of Nuclear Medicine, MUNICH, GERMANY

Lecture 3 - Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Assessment (17:43)
M. Lombardi; Department of Cardiac MRI, Fondazione Toscana 'G. Monasterio', CNR - Regione Toscana, PISA, ITALY

Lecture 4 - Multimodality Interpretation and Comparison (26:20)
T.H. Schindler; Johns Hopkins University Medical School, Department of Radiology and Radiological Science, Division of Nuclear Medicine, BALTIMORE, MD, UNITED STATES

CME 6 Session – EANM’13
The Limping Patient - Multimodality Imaging

Lecture 1 - The Unexplained Hip Pain (19:12)
H.K. Mohan; Guys & St Thomas' Hospitals NHS Trust, Guys Hospital, Nuclear Medicine, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Lecture 2 - SPECT/CT in Knee Joints - What is Left for Nuclear Medicine Tests at the Era of MRI? (18:38)
K. Strobel; Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Lucerne Cantonal Hospital, LUCERNE, SWITZERLAND

Lecture 3 - Foot Pain Unexplained by X-rays (19:23)
F. Paycha; Hôpital Lariboisière, Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris, Department of Nuclear Medicine, PARIS, FRANCE

Lecture 4 - The Referred Pain - When the Causative Lesion Lies Far from the Aching Joint (17:18)
W. van der Bruggen; Slingeland Ziekenhuis, Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, DOETINCHEM, NETHERLANDS

CME 7 Session – EANM’13
Thyroid Diseases in Children

Lecture 1
- Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism in Children: Role of Nuclear Medicine (22:44)
C. De Labriolle-Vaylet; Hopital d'Enfant Armand-Trousseau, Department of Nuclear Medicine, PARIS, FRANCE

Lecture 2
- Paediatric Thyroid Cancer (30:57)
R. Howman-Giles; The Childrens Hospital at Westmead, Department of Nuclear Medicine, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA

Lecture 3 - Dosimetry and Short/Long-Term Consequences of Radioiodine Treatment in Children and Teenagers (31:36)
F.A. Verburg; RWTH University Hospital Aachen, Department of Nuclear Medicine, AACHEN, GERMANY

CME 8 Session – EANM’13
The Diabetic Patient

Lecture 1
- Nuclear Medicine Procedures and Clinical Indications in Diabetic Patients with Infection (With Special Emphasis on FDG Imaging) (28:27)
O. Israel; Rambam Medical Center, Department of Nuclear Medicine, HAIFA, ISRAEL

Lecture 2 - Diabetic Nephropathy and Imaging of Kidney Infections and Graft Rejection (22:50)
J.R. Buscombe; Addenbrooke's Hospital, Nuclear Medicine, CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM

Lecture 3 - Imaging Cardiovascular Diseases in Diabetic Patients (33:11)
R.H.J.A. Slart; University Medical Center Groningen, Department of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS

CME 9 Session – EANM’13
Brain PET Imaging

Lecture 1
- FDG-PET in the Context of the other Biomarkers in Prodromal AD (26:38)
F.M. Nobili; Clinical Neurophysiology, Department of Neuroscience, Ophthalmology and Genetics (DINOG), University of Genova, GENOA, ITALY

Lecture 2 - How to Read Amyloid Images? (18:46)
P. Payoux; CHU Purpan, Nuclear Medicine Department, TOULOUSE, FRANCE

Lecture 3 - DOPA PET Neuroimaging (19:17)
J. Darcourt; Centre Antoine Lacassagne, Nuclear Medicine, NICE, FRANCE

Lecture 4 - PET-MRI Brain (12:04)
S. Hesse; University of Leipzig, Department of Nuclear Medicine, LEIPZIG, GERMANY

CME 10 Session – EANM’13
PET/CT in Cancers of Unknown Origin or Paraneoplastic Syndromes

Lecture 1
- Cancer of Unknown Origin (CUP) (29:30)
S. Balogova; University Hospital of Bratislava, Hospital Stare Mesto, Department of Nuclear Medicine, BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA

Lecture 2 - Neuroendocrine Cancer of Unknown Origin (CUPNET) (26:12)
F. Montravers; Hopital Tenon, Department of Nuclear Medicine, PARIS, FRANCE

Lecture 3 - Paraneoplastic Syndromes (34:32)
J.N. Talbot; Hopital Tenon, Department of Nuclear Medicine, PARIS, FRANCE

CME 11 Session – EANM’13
Pitfalls in Nuclear Medicine

Lecture 1 - How to Avoid Pitfalls "Before the Scan" (26:42)
D. Donner, S. Agostini; Nuclear Medicine Department, Hospital S. Chiara, Azienda Provinciale per i Servizi Sanitari, TRENTO, ITALY

Lecture 2 - Technical Pitfalls and Solutions (22:46)
A.J. Britten; St. Georges Hospital, Imaging Section, Medical Physics & Bioengineering Department, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM

Lecture 3 - Unusual Clinical Pitfalls (21:55)
J.R. Buscombe; Addenbrooke's Hospital, Nuclear Medicine, CAMBRIDGE, UNITED KINGDOM

CME 12 Session – EANM’13
Cross-sectional Imaging in Nuclear Medicine

Lecture 1
- CT and MR in Musculoskeletal Pathologies: What the Nuclear Physician Should Know (18:43)
G. Tognini; Division of Radiology, Town Hospital, CARRARA, ITALY

Lecture 2 - SPECT-CT in Benign Bone Diseases (20:25)
G. Mariani; Regional Center of Nuclear Medicine, University of Pisa, PISA, ITALY

Lecture 3 - CT and MR in Abdominal Cancers: What the Nuclear Physician Should Know (28:18)
P.J. Valette; Department of Radiology, CHU Lyon University, Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, LYON, FRANCE

Lecture 4 - PET-CT in Abdominal Can (20:24)
C. Tychyj-Pinel; CHLS, Hospices Civils de Lyon, Nuclear Medicine, LYON, FRANCE

CME 13 Session – EANM’13
Joint EANM/ESMI Session: Optical and Nuclear Imaging

Lecture 1- Nuclear and Fluorescent Tracers for Intraoperative Application (26:00)
R.G. Pleijhuis;University Medical Center Groningen, Department of Surgery, GRONINGEN, NETHERLANDS

Lecture 2- PET and Optical Tomography in Small Animals (21:29)
F. Ducongé;CEA, Service Hospitalier Frédéric Joliot / INSERM U1023, Laboratory of Experimental Molecular Imaging / Université Paris Sud, ORSAY, FRANCE

Lecture 3- Cerenkov Luminescence Imaging (19:45)
S. Maitrejean;Biospace Lab, PARIS, FRANCE