CME 14 Session - EANM'14

Translational Molecular Imaging & Drug Development & Radiopharmacy: Alpha Emitters: From Cellular Effects to Tumour Response Imaging

Educational objectives:
  1. To describe the specific properties of Alpha particles with respect to their interaction with tissue and tumour cells as well as the radiobiological aspects of these interactions and approaches for cancer therapy, including issues related to dosimetry assessment
  2. To discuss preclinical and clinical developments on targeted alpha-radionuclide therapy by selecting examples of radionuclides and targeting approaches and illustrate the potential and the hurdles. A selected review of the available clinical data will clarify which tumours might be treated by targeted alpha-radionuclide therapy in the future
  3. To describe the history of the development of radium-223 chloride and the clinical efficacy of this new drug against bone metastases in prostate cancer
Alpha-emitting radionuclides have attractive properties for cancer therapy. Alpha particles are high linear energy transfer (LET) particles and have been shown to be able to kill tumour cells independently of dose rate and oxygenation level with a relative biological effectiveness (RBE) larger than 1. Energy deposition over a short track makes them more suited to kill isolated cells than low LET electrons. However, translation of these potential advantages to targeted alpha-radionuclide therapy for treatment of cancer patients has proven difficult for a variety of reasons among which restricted availability of alpha-emitting radionuclides is not the least. Today, radium-223 chloride has received market approval in the USA for metastatic prostate cancer treatment making targeted alpha-radionuclide therapy a clinical reality. Jean-Pierre Pouget, from the Institut de Recherche en Cancérologie de Montpellier (IRCM), will present up to date results on radiobiology aspects, focusing on alpha-emitting and also on Auger electron-emitting radionuclides. Frank Bruchertseifer, from ITU Karlsruhe, will present advances in targeted alpha radionuclide therapy, from radionuclides to clinical trials. Joe O’Sullivan, from the Queen's University in Belfast, will present results obtained with radium-223 chloride in the treatment of cancer bone metastases.
All talks will also emphasise the use of molecular imaging in preclinical and clinical development as well in tumour response monitoring.

Key Words:
Alpha Emitters, Auger Electron Emitters, Targeted Alpha Therapy, Radiobiology, Molecular Imaging, Preclinical and Clinical Development, Cancer
Teaser Video
A short description by Marion de Jong, chair of the EANM Translational Molecular Imaging Committee

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