CME 11 Session - EANM'14

Radiopharmacy: Radiopharmaceutical Production, In-house or Centralised

Educational objectives:
  1. To learn about possibilities and limits of in-house production
  2. To learn about possibilities and limits of centralised production
  3. To learn about state of the art of radiopharmaceutical production
The production of radiopharmaceuticals underwent big alterations during the past 30 years. The regulations changed dramatically and GMP standard was introduced into the production first for PET radiopharmaceuticals later on for therapeutic compounds and Tc-99m kit preparation. The session will cover this issue and will discuss the future perspectives of the regulations in production of radiopharmaceuticals. Thereof the speakers will go in the aspects of the different requirements for a production laboratory, the involved costs and the necessary logistics. Based on this the question if there is still an in-house production is possible or if there is centralised production is necessary will discussed.
The three contributions will address the above topics in a comprehensive manner.

Key Words:
Radiopharmaceutical Production, GMP, In-House Production, Centralised Production
Teaser Video
A short description by Thomas Mindt, member of the EANM Radiopharmacy Committee

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