CME 5 Session - EANM'14

Inflammation and Infection & Bone and Joint & Paediatrics: Bone Infection of Adults and Children

Educational objectives:
  1. To familiarise the audience with common procedures and radiopharmaceuticals dedicated to imaging musculo-skeletal infections
  2. To discuss the clinical value of SPECT/CT and PET/CT for imaging of bone and joint infections in adults, in the spine, prosthetic joints and diabetic foot, also in comparison to radiological techniques
  3. To define the role of nuclear medicine in the evaluation of paediatric discitis and osteomyelitis, including typical and atypical patterns that can occur in children
  4. To present future perspectives in functional and metabolic imaging of musculo-skeletal infections in adults and children
Summary: Molecular and hybrid imaging modalities are widely used for the assessment of musculo-skeletal infection in children and adults. A number of single photon and positron emitting radiopharmaceuticals have been developed over recent years and are used with specific protocols for clinical indications such as osteomyelitis in children, infection of the spine, infection in complicated bone (following fracture) and of orthopaedic devices. The complementary role of anatomo-metabolic imaging for defining the localisation, extent and severity of the infectious musculo-skeletal process, as well as for monitoring response to treatment, is well established. Careful assessment of radiation exposure, mainly in the paediatric patient population, is highly significant.

Key Words:
Bone, Infection, SPECT, PET, Hybrid Imaging, Children
Teaser Video
A short description by session chair Lise Borgwardt

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