CME 4 Session - EANM'14

Dosimetry & Radionuclide Therapy & EASL & Interventional Radiology: Selective Internal Radionuclide Therapy (SIRT): Selection, Planning, Evaluation

Educational objectives:
  1. To be able to identify suitable patients with a good prospects regarding a positive response after selective internal radionuclide therapy
  2. To set actual stat- of-the-art knowledge on planning a selective internal radionuclide therapy
  3. To have an outline to the expected response-rates after selective internal radionuclide therapy and to know the appropriate tools to measure a treatment-response
This session is aimed to physicians taking responsibility for selection, therapy planning and response evaluation in patients undergoing selective internal radionuclide therapy. After the session the audience should independently be able to identify patients that are suitable for SIRT. The participants should know the steps that are necessary to plan a SIRT and they should know about the response rates that can be expected. The most common and most suitable tools to measure outcome after SIRT should be known.

Key Words:
Selective Internal Radionuclide Therapy, SIRT, Liver Cancer, Liver Metastases, Patient Selection, Therapy Planning, Response Evaluation
Teaser Video
A short description by Mark Konijnenberg, vice chair of the EANM Dosimetry Committee

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