Plenary Session 2 – EANM’13

Use of PET in Assessment of Therapy 

Lecture 1 - FDG Standardisation (13:19)
F.M. Mottaghy; University Hospital of Aachen, Department of Nuclear Medicine, AACHEN, GERMANY

Lecture 2 - Methods: What Tracer beyond FDG (17:35)
C. Nanni; S.Orsola Malpighi Hospital, Department of Nuclear Medicine, BOLOGNA, ITALY

Lecture 3 - Therapy Evaluation: Usefulness of Tailored Treatment in Various Cancer Patients (18:55)
B. You; Centre Hospitalier Lyon-Sud, Lyon Investigational Center for Treatments in Oncology and Hematology, Department of Medical Oncology, LYON, FRANCE

Lecture 4 - Therapy Evaluation: PET and Radionuclide Therapy (09:09)
F. Kraeber-Bodéré; CHU Nantes, Hotel Dieu, Department of Nuclear Medicine, NANTES, FRANCE
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