CME 13 Session – EANM’13

Joint EANM/ESMI Session: Optical and Nuclear Imaging

Educational objectives:
  1. To have an overview of optical and isotope-based methods
  2. To learn the options for preclinical development of these methods
  3. To show the possibilities for clinical application
This continuing education session is directed primarily towards radiochemists, radiopharmacists and nuclear medicine physicians, who are interested to perform preclinical studies and finally clinical application with molecules for optical and nuclear imaging. This CME will give an overview of established and new methods for optical imaging in comparison to or complementing isotope based methods. Furthermore the demands, the problems and possible solutions for the preclinical development and the possible clinical application e.g. intraoperative visualisation of lesions for both methods will be discussed. The third talk is intended to show the opportunity to visualise accumulation of beta-emitting tracers in the setting of endoradiotherapy with optical methods.

Key Words:
Radiopharmacy, Optical Imaging, Preclinical Development, Intraoperative Detection

Extended Abstract Book for download (5 MB)

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