CME 12 Session – EANM’13

Cross-sectional Imaging in Nuclear Medicine

Educational objectives:
  1. To have an overview of Cross-sectional Imaging, in particular in the fields of musculoskeletal pathologies and abdominal cancers
  2. To learn the necessary basic requirements of anatomical imaging for clinical nuclear medicine studies interpretation
  3. To show the possibilities and limits of Cross-sectional Imaging
This continuing education session is directed primarily towards nuclear medicine physicians, who are interested to perform Cross-sectional Imaging.
Cross-sectional Imaging has a central role in the management of patients with malignant diseases and it is used at all point in the patient pathway. In particular, in abdominal cancers, the monitoring of the response to treatment and the pre-surgical evaluation of suspected masses represent key issues in order to reach a perfect tailored treatment. On the other hand, many traditional imaging modalities may contribute to the diagnosis, treatment planning, or post-treatment evaluation of patients with musculoskeletal pathologies, but cross-sectional imaging has assumed an increasing important role.
The CME will thus give an overview of Cross-sectional Imaging for the Nuclear Physician with a focus on aspects related to bone pathologies and abdominal cancers.

Key Words:
Cross-sectional Imaging, Bone Diseases, Abdominal Cancers

Extended Abstract Book for download (5 MB)
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