CME 4 Session – EANM’13

State of the Art of Radiopharmaceuticals

Educational objectives:
  1. To learn about new imaging radiopharmaceuticals for PET and SPECT
  2. To learn about new developments in radiopharmaceuticals for therapy
  3. To learn about the scope and limitations of new radiopharmaceuticals
New radiopharmaceuticals are being developed on a continuous basis in all major disease areas. It is important that Nuclear Medicine physicians and researchers are frequently updated about new radiopharmaceuticals that might become part of their practice in a few years’ time. These new radiopharmaceuticals will address new applications, opening new possibilities for Molecular Imaging research and clinical research supported by PET and SPECT. In addition quit some effort is being addressed to new radiopharmaceuticals for therapy, predominantly in cancer.
The three contributions will address the above topics in a comprehensive manner.

Key Words:
New PET Tracer, New SPECT Tracer, New Therapy Tracer

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