Pitfalls & Artefacts Track Session 3 - EANM'18

Dosimetry: Advantages and Limitations of Voxelized Dosimetry for Intra-Arterial Liver Therapy


Lecture 1:
Visualisation of the Activity in the Liver After Radioembolisation: Is it Noise or a Real Indication of the Arterial Distribution
Stephan Walrand (Brussels)

Lecture 2:
Voxelized Dosimetry Options from Mean Dose to Voxel Dose Distributions and Beyond or Room for Improvement in Image Reconstruction?
Michael Ljungberg (Lund) 

Lecture 3:
Voxel-Based Dosimetry Treatment Planning for Intra-Arterial Liver Cancer Therapy - What are the Options? 
Marnix Lam (Utrecht) 

General Discussion
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