CME 8 Session - EANM'18


Oncology: Different Strategies in the Management of Hepatic Metastases in NEN

Educational Objectives:

  1. Different (systemic / localized) procedures in the treatment of liver metastases of NEN.
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of various procedures and consideration of certain patient-related requirements.
  3. Challenges of different treatment disciplines in the treatment of liver metastases, and requirement of an interdisciplinary approach in a multimodal treatment concept.

The aim of this CME is to convey relationships in the management of patients with neuroendocrine tumor disease. Particular attention is paid to interdisciplinarity. Especially the treatment of liver metastases is a great challenge, which is why this aspect is given special consideration. Various different nuclear medicine, oncological and surgical treatment concepts will be presented by different experts.

Key Words:
Neuroendocrine Tumors – Hepatic Metastases – Interdisciplinary Treatment

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