CME 7 Session - EANM'18


Radiation Protection / Paediatrics: Optimization of Diagnostic Reference Levels in Hybrid Imaging in Paediatric Nuclear Medicine

Educational Objectives:

  1. To understand dose reduction measures for hybrid imaging
  2. To learn how to implement dose reduction techniques
  3. To gain understanding on the similarities and differences in activity dosing in pediatric nuclear medicine


The session will be focused on three main topics related to the optimization of diagnostic reference levels in hybrid imaging in pediatric nuclear medicine: - Possible imaging strategies to optimize the use of CT in hybrid paediatric nuclear medicine procedures; - Practical strategies to implement the use of diagnostic reference levels, and to be able to contribute to its continuous improvement.This will include the presentation of examples of clinical audit and quality assurance activities,with the main purpose of trying to reach the best possible compromise between dose reduction and preservation of diagnostic quality of the procedures. - The rationale for the harmonization between European and North American administered activities in pediatric nuclear medicine including an update on new radiopharmaceuticals.

Key Words:
Hybrid imaging, Dose reduction techniques, Practical implementation of dose reduction techniques, Pediatric dosage card

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