CME 4 Session - EANM'18


Paediatrics: PET/MR in Paediatrics - Sharing Experiences

Educational Objectives:

1. To improve understanding of the indications for PET/MRI in children and young adults

2. Better understanding of the practical requirements for performing PET/MRI in different paediatric patients

3. To improve the integration of PET/MRI in the diagnostic work-up of paediatric patients with malignant and non-malignant conditions.

4. To delineate the possible effect of the technical evolution of the PET/MRI technology on the clinical practice in paediatrics

In the last years, PET/MRI has been considered with particular attention for the application in paediatrics. The first published data showed the feasibility of the integrated scanning in children and the practical equivalence with PET/CT, with a significant reduction in radiation exposure. Now many centres have collected a significant experience on the use of PET/MRI in children in the clinical routine, and it is possible to start drawing the first practice-based conclusions. Real-world data will help to create a reference frame for those evaluating the adoption of this technology and also for its evolution in this field.

Key Words:
PET/MR, Children, Adolescents, Brain tumors, Lymphoma

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