CME 8 Session – EANM’12

Alpha Emitters

Educational objectives:

  1. To understand aspects of energy deposition of alpha emitting radiopharmaceuticals
  2. To review quantitative imaging aspects of alpha emitting radiopharmaceuticals
  3. To review methods of absorbed dose calculations for alpha emitters
  4. To consider implications of patient-specific treatment planning for alpha dosimetry

This continuing education session is directed primarily towards physicists and nuclear physicians active in molecular radiotherapy, but also towards oncologists, radiologists, trainees and nuclear medicine technologists. It will cover issues pertaining to performing dosimetry for alpha emitters, including the necessity and challenges of quantitative imaging and image processing, requirements for data acquisition, and dosimetry at a macroscopic scale for tumours, critical organs at risk and whole-body. Consideration will also be given to the importance of dosimetry at a microscopic scale which is particularly relevant to these short range emitting radiopharmaceuticals. Finally, some consideration will be given to the optimal use of alpha emitters for personalised treatment planning. Participants attending the session will gain an insight into the complex issues concerning dosimetry for alpha emitters, including the strong potential advantages and disadvantages of this treatment, which at present is gaining significant interest.

Key Words:
Dosimetry, Alpha emitters, Quantitative Imaging

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