CME 7 Session – EANM’12


Prospects of Using 68Ga in PET/CT

Educational objectives:

  1. To learn about the actual state of regulation aspects regarding to 68Ga-compounds for human use
  2. To have an overview of 68Ga-compounds in research and clinical application
  3. To get a prospective view about the potential of 68Ga-compounds in nuclear medicine and its limitations

This continuing education session is directed primarily towards radiochemists, radiopharmacists and nuclear medicine physicians. 68Ga-labelled compounds for targeting the sstr2 were introduced into the clinical application mainly for the detection of NET with a big success. Nevertheless, the regulation state of the 68Ge/68Ga-Generator was and is not clear in many countries and the clinical potential of 68Ga for other compounds still have to be shown. This CME will cover these main aspects and will give an overview on the state of regulation, the available chemical tools as well as summary on 68Ga compounds in research and its future perspective for the clinical application. The clinical experience until today and the future potential will be covered by the final talk.

This session will highlight and give an update of 68Ga radiopharmaceuticals that have attracted a lot of attention in recent years and that could have a large potential for further development of new radiopharmaceuticals and its clinical application.

Key Words:
PET, 68Ga, Radiotracers, Regulations

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