CME 11 Session - EANM'17

Paediatrics/Oncology/SIOPEN: SSR Imaging and Therapy in Children

Educational Objectives:
  1. Describe the role of mIBG in the management of neuroblastoma
  2. Understand the different scintigraphic techniques available for the study of SSR children.
  3. Describe the application of PRRT in neuroblastoma

This continuing education session is directed primarily towards nuclear physicians active in paediatric nuclear medicine. It will cover the aspects of SSR imaging of paediatric tumors with particular attention to the clinical role of nuclear medicine during the management and follow-up of neuroblastoma. It will deal with the practical details (radiopharmaceuticals, acquisition parameters, etc) of the different techniques. It will describe the place of nuclear medicine imaging in various diagnostic protocols in paediatric oncology, with particular consideration for the integration of scintigraphic data with other imaging modalities and for the application of advanced techniques. At the end of the session the participant will have an improved understanding of the most relevant indications for nuclear medicine SSR imaging in paediatrics, a better perspective on their integration with other imaging modalities and the potential role of theranostic application of PRRT in neuroblastoma.

Key Words:
SSR imaging, Neuroblastoma, Paediatric oncology, Theranostic, PRRT
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