CME 9 Session - EANM'17

Paediatrics/Inflammation & Infection: FDG PET in Paediatric Infections

Educational Objectives:
  1. to improve understanding of how to use FDG PET in the diagnosis of infectious diseases in children and young adults
  2. better understanding of the role of FDG PET/CT (FDG PET/MR) in the diagnostic work-up of the infected child
  3. better understanding of FDG PET/CT (FDG PET/MR) scan in the diagnostic work-up of the child with enlarged glands
  4. to improve diagnostic strategies in the infected child
  5. better understanding possible infections of the immunocompromised child
Using FDG PET/CT and FDG PET/MR in the diagnostic work-up in children is well established.But the use of FDG PET for infectious diseases in paediatric nuclear medicine is mainly usedfor focus localization, which is still an important indication. But newer strategies as mappingthe lymphadenopathy and thereby getting closer to the possible infections, ruling outmalignancy and identifying the lymph node most suitable for biopsy is very interestingstrategies in the use of FDG PET/CT.
Also one has to consider the special aspects of evaluating an FDG PET/CT scan in theevaluation of the immunocompromised child with fever and FDG PET/CT plays an importantrole in localizing the disease and leading the diagnostic strategy on the way – if not solving it.It is important to have the background knowledge of the possible infections in childhood,also on other continents, and also the typical pattern of the disease on the FDG PET/CT scan,in order to have a good background knowledge for evaluating the scans.

Key Words:
Pediatrics, infection, inflammation, FUO, immunocompromised
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