CME 7 Session - EANM'17

Radionuclide Therapy/Thyroid: Safety Aspects in Radionuclide Therapy

Educational Objectives:
1.  Learn  about  the  similarities  as  well  as  of  the  peculiarities  of  radionuclide  therapy  incomparison to chemotherapy and external beam radiation2.  Acknowledge  the  influence  of  specific  radiobiological  effects  that  will  influence  theeffectiveness as well as the side effects of radionuclide therapy.3. Learn about specific side effects that have to be expected in radionuclide therapy in an earlystage as well as in a later stage.4. Get  familiar with  specific measures  that can be used in  radionuclide  therapy  to preventtoxicity.

This CME session will focus on safety aspects in general during radionuclide therapy. Specialfocus  will  be  brought  to  radiobiological  aspects  that  influence  effects  and  side  effects  inradionuclide therapy. Typical early and late side effects of radionuclide therapy will be pointedout as well as special measures that can be taken to prevent side effects.

Key Words:
Radiobiology, radionuclide therapy, treatment-related adverse events, prevention
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