CME 5 Session - EANM'17

Radiopharmacy/Drug Development/Radionuclide Therapy/SNMMI: Theranostics and Companion Drugs

Educational Objectives:
1) Audience will learn the current state of theranostic pairs.2) Examples will be presented of the use of theranostic pairs in optimizing patient treatment.3) Audience will learn the current state of pretargeting approaches in theranostics.4) Examples will be presented of the use of theranostic pairs and quantitative analysis of tissueand tumour uptake in optimizing patient treatment.5) Audience will gain knowledge on the benefit of theranostics.6) Gain knowledge on future availability of novel radionuclides.

The  session  will  highlight  the  benefit  of  using  theranostics  for  in-vivo  assessing  parameters  thatdetermine, affect, limit or predict the outcome of one or alternative treatment options. Consequently,the session will show how theranostics aid in treating the right patient at the right time with the rightapproach,  intensity  and  spatial  extension.  Further  it  will  highlight  the  development  of  newradiosiotopes, radiopharmaceuticals and conceptional strategies towards theranostics.The session will also highlight the benefit of using antibody pretargeting for evaluating the expressionof  potential  target  antigens  using  short  lived  positron  emitters.  In  addition,  the  use  of  imaging  todetermine uptake and clearance of pretargeted radionuclides in a theranostic approach to assess thefeasibility  of  pretargeted  therapy,  select  the  most  appropriate  radionuclides  and  plan  optimizedtreatment schedule will be demonstrated by preclinical and clinical examples.

Key Words:

Companion diagnostics, Novel, Pretargeting, Radioisotopes, Radionuclides, Theranostics
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