CME 2 Session - EANM'17

Inflammation & Infection/ESVS: Vascular Graft Infection

Educational Objectives:
  1. Description of the key clinical features of vascular graft infections.
  2. Overview of importance of the correct diagnosis of vascular graft infections.
  3. Overview of radiological possibilities to diagnose vascular graft infections.
  4. Overview of nuclear medicine possibilities to diagnose vascular graft infections.
This CME session is dedicated to vascular graft infections. First, the clinical point of view willbe explained: what are the key clinical features of a patient a with suspected vascular graftinfection, what is the importance of an early and correct diagnosis, what are the treatmentoptions. Then various diagnostic imaging modalities, from a radiological and from a nuclearmedicine point of view, will be discussed and what  the possibilities and  the position in  thediagnostic work-up are in a patient with a suspected vascular graft infection.

Key Words:
Vascular graft infection, clinical features, CTA, MRA, WBC scintigraphy, FDG-PET
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