Tech Guide 2017 on Quality control of nuclear medicine instrumentation and protocol standardisation - Chapter 3

This webinar is about quality control for Anger-type scintillation gamma camera, which is still the key nuclear medicine imaging device used for planar, whole-body and tomographic [SPECT (single photon emission computed tomography) and SPECT/CT] radionuclide biomedical imaging. The webinar starts with the definitions of and the rationale for the acceptance and quality control testing, continues with the frequency of quality control tests and illustrated basics of a number (start-up, energy window settings, background, uniformity and sensitivity, spatial resolution and linearity, camera head angulations, total SPECT performance, etc.) out of about twenty different recommended quality control tests for gamma cameras, and ends with the note on and illustration of some imaging artefacts, and the webinar summary points. No detailed descriptions of technical standards and performance measurements related to any particular quality control test were given, but they can be found in the suggested readings.
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