CME 14 Session - EANM'16

Thyroid/ETA: Non-Isotopic Diagnostic Thyroidology: An Update for Nuclear Medicine Physicians

Educational objectives
  1. To learn about techniques of immunometric assays, possible interferences with the measurements and pittfalls in the interpretation of measurement results
  2. To learn about the possible clinical implications for nuclear medicine physicians of novel thyroglobulin assays with regard to the indication for stimulated thyroglobulin testing and I-131 diagnostic whole body scintigraphy
  3. To be informed on the technical aspects of thyroid ultrasound
  4. To learn about the differential diagnosis of findings on thyroid and neck ultrasound in the diagnostic workup of thyroid disease and follow-up of differentiated thyroid cancer
  5. To be informed on technical aspects of fine needle biopsy of thyroid needles and cytological analysis of such biopsies
  6. To learn about the clinical value and clinical consequences of findings made on fine needle biopsy as well as the differential diagnosis of cytologically identified phenomena
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