CME 10 Session - EANM'16

Translational Molecular Imaging and Therapy/  Radiopharmacy: Developments on Radionuclide and Radiopharmaceutical Manufacturing and Automation

Educational objectives:
  1. An overview about radionuclide production, new synthesis modules, new QC equipment and approaches for QC
  2. Teach about strategies to shorten the time from radionuclide delivery to product release
  3. Show the potential and limitations of microfluidics

Radiotracers are produced routinely for pre-clinical validation and clinical application. The CME session will give an overview on new developments in the field of radiopharmaceutical production covering different aspects such as: radionuclide production, synthesis modules and quality control. Moreover, alternatives to shorten the time of radiopharmaceutical production and product release will be presented. An overview about microfluidics in radiochemistry will be given, presenting its potential and limitations in radiopharmaceutical production.

Key Words:

QC, quality and radiochemistry, radionuclide production, radiopharmaceutical production, automation, microfluidics

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