CME 8 Session - EANM'16

Physics/Translational Molecular Imaging and Therapy: QA/QC Preclinical Systems and Preclinical Imaging Procedures

Educational objectives:
  1. Learn about the state of the art and new performance recommendations for preclinical imaging systems
  2. Gain insight in how to perform and interpret acceptance testing of preclinical imaging systems
  3. Understand how and why to perform application specific testing of preclinical systems
  4. Learn on the need and the how of preclinical imaging standardisation

Preclinical imaging studies play an important role in the development of new drugs and radiopharmaceuticals. These studies are used to demonstrate proof of mechanism, to study biodistribution and to obtain information for optimising translation into the clinic. In order to quantitatively use preclinical imaging data for these aims it is essential that preclinical systems have optimal performance and that it’s quality can be assessed and monitored. In this CME session the presenters will address QA\QC and acceptance testing of preclinical imaging equipment. Moreover, the need for imaging guidelines and standardisation will be discussed.

Key Words:

Small animal imaging systems, QA\QC  of preclinical systems, imaging procedures, standardisation

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